Friday, January 11, 2013

World Men's Handball Championship

I don't know if you already noticed, but this year there is a WORLD CUP in Europe - more precisely in Spain!! Yeah! Handball!... I have to admit, I didn't know about that like two days ago when I came across it in a newspaper.
It is actually a shame that handball is not that famous as soccer, well at least not in Germany, where I come from. I'll see if here in London are some more people interested in watching handball, maybe in a pub or elsewhere :)

Here you can see all the groups and countries taking part in the competition, I just copied it from

The participating countries are sounding very interesting, but me as a soccer fan haven't heard a lot of countries like Algeria and Montenegro and therefore I am kind of excited how good they are in handball :) 

What about you? Are you interested in handball or sport in general? And are you going to watch some games?

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