Monday, August 19, 2013

Brazil - Part 05: my first contact with brazilian food

Even when you travel you need to eat of course! And of course if you go to a country like Brazil with complete different culture and so on, your are not going to eat in McDonalds, right?
Ok, I think I did it once in the seven weeks... maybe^^

First of all, Brazilian food is totally different to German or English food... some things are really tasty, other just too strange that I couldn't get used to it...
During my first 2 weeks I already experienced some typical meals and sweets:

arroz com feijões + macarrão + salsicha
1.) Ok folks, here is something shocking! (At least it was for me)....Brazilian people eat rice with beans EVERY DAY... OMG^^ I actually quite liked it (never ate such beans in Europe!) But after 2 weeks I seriously had enough and I tried to avoid it as good as I could :/
But yes! I bought a package of those beans to cook it for my family... we'll see how they like it :)

Another thing they love (at least my friend's family and his friends I stayed with) are sausages... ok another interesting thing: they have two different kinds of sausages.... salsicha and linguiça and it is really important to them that you make the difference...
They were quite confused when I said, that everything in England or Germany is sausage (haha XD) ok, there might be different kinds as well and you can call them different names... but always with sausage.
Here a little German example to understand it a bit better.... in German sausage is 'Wurst' so you basically put all the specification in front of this Bockwurst, Bratwurst... some even have completely different words like 'Knacker' or 'Wiener' but those are still 'Wurst'....
Do you see what I mean?? So my Brazilian friends where quite a bit petty about the difference in Brazil^^

2.) One sweet I totally fell in love with (I love sweets anyway too much...) is brigadeiro. It's basically a 'chocolate bonbon' but the choco taste is a bit different, since it is made of sweetened condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder on a stove and then you let it cool down in the fridge (or freezer if you can't wait). It's a bit sticky like caramel and very sweet, normally one spoon was enough for a (little) while^^ But still addictive...
And of course I took one of those condense milk thing with me (because I wasn't sure if we have this in Europe like that as well o.O) and going to try it at home!! yay!^^

Caldo de Cana
3.) Caldo de Cana is a juice made out of sugarcane. I cannot really say that I fell in love though, but it is definitely different and I am happy that I've tried it, but I don't think that I need to drink it again... there are better brazilian things (I am going to write more in another post^^). You can even just bite the sugarcane as it is, like a snack... but that's just weird to me. I've tried everything they gave me to eat, but I am an honest person and have no problems to say when I don't like some things that much... ;)

4.) Pipoca: which is basically Popcorn, but this one on the picture is a bit different (I am sure it got a specific name I totally forgot^^). I don't know if the word 'stringy' in English is the right one to describe the taste and consistency, but when I look it up on the dictionary that's the word I would use in German, which doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't taste good, but real popcorn is just better...if it is sweet, BECAUSE! Here in Brazil salty popcorn is very famous and loved! I just don't like it -.-
Once we were at the cinema and I asked for popcorn, I was looking forward to eat lovely sweety popcorn like I used to in German cinemas... but it was salty *argh*

5.) And the last weird brazilian food I had contact with in the first weeks was 'Goiabada'. It is made out of guava and very sweet... It looks like meat, hehe!^^ But people eat that for breakfast, normally with cheese, but for me, it's just too sweet...

Have you ever had an interesting experience with food in another country or do you just love all the food existing or prefer the cuisine from your mum? ;)

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