Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Impressive Paralympics

When I see the Paralympics, my heart is melting (do you say that in English?)! It's just sooooo amazaing what the athletes are doing and when they win, the way they are happy and celebrating, I just could cry sometimes, because I feel so with them^^

I mean, we had often the discussion about what woudl happen if you are blind or loose a leg. I would be so demotivated to live and don't know... so I think, that they deserve a huge respect and I find it pretty sad, that the Paralympics are not that popular...

Here is my top five of the most amazing pictures of the Paralympics :)

high ´jump with One leg... I would total loos with two!!^^
a good sense of team work to run togehter without falling or anything!! -.-
Blind football, amazing how they have to hear the ball and the opponent!! 
I nearly drown just by watching!! ( I am such a bad swimmer anyway -.-) 
Where there's a will there's a way.
Ok, that would be the last post about the Paralympics now^^
Have you watched the Paralympics? And do you have a favourit sport?

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