Friday, August 30, 2013

Top Blog Posts August 2013

Welcome to the second round of my top blog posts. This beautiful month August just finishes toooo quickly -.- Where did the time go! Isn't it said?? Like in a blink of an eye moments running bye... I have sometimes the feeling I actually forget to live and relaxe... quite surprised that I still breath the same amount like years ago where time didn't fly by like now...

5 ways to increase productivity
This is actually a guestpost by Amy from 'The Charming Blog' on the blog 'After nine to five' by Ashley. Those kind of posts are always very inspiring, normally you already know what you should do but, but reading it again is just so hepful. Here I even leant something I want to use in the future, the 'ABC-method' of prioritizing tasks, I already write lists, loads of lists, almost everyday... sometimes I even write for how long I want to do one thing before I want to do something else ( I get pretty quickly tired of things I have to do -.-). So... I want to try how Ashley's version works for me^^

Love your brain - a series
Allie from 'Call me Sassafras' started this little series and I think it's a really cool idea to write about the part of our body which is basically the most important one to do everything in you life, for example writing a blog >.< hehe. I look forward to read more information, ideas and observations about our lovely, little brain :)

Budgeting and the Envelope System
This 'money system' is going around in the blogosphere at the moment and you can read it almost everywhere, but I read it first on the blog of Chelsea 'Lost in Travels'. I think the idea is definitely good, but I am not too comfortable to have so much cash in my home, since I am not living on my own and you never know how good you can trust your flatmates o.O I might have a try with it, otherwise I just stick to my 'note everything down into a little book' system.....

DIY Buddhist Necklace
I am not very religious or interested in Asian stuff, but I think the idea of this necklace is pretty lovely :) Having a Mantra you can motivate yourself and being remembered by this beautiful necklace... might be worth a try... In Brazil I saw a bracelet made out of seeds... I try this at the moment, if it works, I use it as my 'buddhist workout' hehe :)

Further interesting posts:
Lies Blogger tell themselves by Shane from 'Whispering Sweet Nothing'
4 Ways to practice gratitude by Nicole from ' Treasure Tromp'
Time out: lessons learned from a summer virus by Rachel from 'Tossing the Skript'
simplifying challenge complete! and some tips by Ashley from 'Rustic Living'
100 Ways To Reinvent Your Life Part 4 by Samantha from ' Reinvented By Me'
Kiva: you can change a life with a (free) loan by Thursday from 'My Girl Thursday'
rain means cleaning and cleaning means change by Alyssa from 'Impractical Composition'
100 Reasons Not To Kill Yourself by Loise from 'Pandora's Yellow Box'
MAKE: Dino iPhone Tripod by Jen and Shannon from 'Eat. Sleep. Make.'
Conscious Box August - vegan edition by Katrin from 'Land of Candy Canes'
Project Declutter by Steph from 'Insert Classy Here'
Making the switch to Adproval by Kristing from 'A Slice of Mudpie'

Did you read any other interesting/funny/informative/sad posts this month?

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