Monday, November 24, 2014

Buenos Aires - Part 12: An Argentine Polo Match

One point of our bucket list for Buenos Aires was to watch a polo match, since it's obviously quite a big thing.

Unfortunately we had no clue about the rules and when we went there we were mainly like "ooh horses!!!". The field they are playing on is just massive, so sometimes you cannot see much, but when they are close to where you sit, it's just really exiting and almost chaotic and dangerous how they try to hit the ball to their goal...

I would love to tell you something more about the rules and how everything works, but to be honest... I don't know!^^ The only thing I know that they change sides quite often, means in one moment they shoot the ball into one goal and then they have to shoot it into to the exact other one o.O
I also know that there are only 4 players and each has a set of horses, I belief it was 12?? And they change them regularly in the game. Most players are so cool they just jump from one horse to another! Massive! :D

Where POSH people get their drinks :D
Sitting where the real fans take some actions!
It was definitely a cool experience and totally worth it. However, me as an animal lover I am not sure about the horses... Sometimes they got hit by the ball or so.

I don't think this is gonna be my next fav sport, but I am happy I watched it once!

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