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Hello, my name is Sandra, I am a 20-something German girl just moved to Argentina for a year abroad as a part of my degree in London "International Relations and Spanish".
I hope I can perfectionize my Spanish and travel a bit around Latin America and take loads of pictures and collect hundresds of memories.

I have a great passion for languages and 2012 I did a language study travel for about 5 months in Europe. I have visited Dublin, Florence, Paris and Barcelona. At the moment I am learning a bit Portuguese, last year I spent 7 weeks in Brazil and volunteered for the Confederations Cup. Unfortunately it was not possible for me to volunteer for the World Cup, which made me quite sad but I tried to enjoy it as much as possible in London... and hey! Germany won! So everything is fine ;)

I love films and series, and nearly every time I am watching tv you can here me scream "oh I know the actor from another film.... wait wait, let me think". Which is definitely the best sign that I love watching. I like the imagination of reading books, but I just don't have time for it, or I always have to think, that I could do so much more useful while reading, for example - learning a language^^
I love to annoy my cats and parents and just jumping stupidly around and being crazy! Amen.

here wildlife is my little blog about... everything. I love to write about my adventures and share my photos with you. I am not the big writer but I am doing my best that you enjoy my blog and everything inside and around it :)

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Sandra Dötsch
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This blog was updated on the 25. July 2014

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