This is my little travel log, of course I try to update it as often as possible. Actually not too bad where I already have been so far - considering that I started to travel on my own only in 2011.

Travel Year 2014

In August I started my exchange year in Buenos Aires and hope to travel around until I have to go back to Europe and finish my studies in London.

Trip to Uruguay
Colonia del Sacramento // Montevideo
Exchange Year in BA
Exchange Year Buenos Aires

Travel Year 2013

In 2013 I have been to Brazil to volunteer for the Confederations Cup, now you can read about my trip on my blog (haven't managed to write anything over there o.O)

Confederations Cup in Brazil
Confederations Cup in Rio de Janeiro

Travel Year 2012

After I finished my apprenticeship in January 2012 I decided to travel a bit around Europe to improve and study English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Lost in Spain 2012
Lost in Italy 2012
Lost in France 2012
Lost in Paris
Lost in Ireland 2012

Travel Year 2011

  • I begun the year 2011 with a visit of my penpal Noora in Finland, close to Helsinki and later I spent a week in London in preperation of my TOEFL to study abroad.

  • Finland: April 2011
    coming soon
    April/October 2011
    coming soon

    London: September 2011
    coming soon

    Visited Countries
    Visited Countries Map from TravelBlog
    updated: 10.10.2014
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