Monday, August 27, 2012

Creating a photobook, part 2

I already wrote here a bit about with which programm I designed my photobook and now it's here, in my hands! Well ok not really, otherwise I couldn't write that post^^

Here you can see the "final printed version". I have to say that I am very confident with the quality, the colours are brilliant and it actually looks exactely like I hoped it to be^^
Just the "D" at the cover might be a bit to far left... but, it's not really disturbing.

Yeah it's German^^ Anybody wants a little lesson? "Danke" means "Thanks" :)

I just found one little mistake in the book, just by one picture I forgot the shadow... But I think that only I will recognize that...

What do you think?? It's not that cheap, but for a special occasion or a special person - any time!
I am actually not the big fan of photo books when you can buy them at a store, but when they are your own taken pictures, it's just great and you kind of proud of it!! :)

So I'll see how my grandma reacts tomorrow when I present it to her!

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