Thursday, August 30, 2012

Walls of memories

Who has not that? Souvenirs, in your room, on the wall, on tables or wherever. I am actually not the fan of "blocking" my room with decoration and souvenirs, but after my study language travel through Europe for 5 months, I had to proudly present modest achievements^^

First of all I began to collect flags, from all countries where I have been to, I don't know why, but unfortunately the flag of Ireland is so small... I was looking for the big ones, but well.... mission failed -.-
Oh and can you guess the last flag?? It's not a country, I can say that^^ The first flag I got, not from my recent travel... Some time longer ago :)

I am soooo proud of this!! I have to say, I am a big F.C. Barcelona fan! I have another top which I bought the first time I visited Camp Nou. Actually I wanted to have a real shirt from Xavi, but a "bit" very much expensive -.- 
As Spain won the Europe Cup I hoped that anybody wearing a Xavi-shirt would be drunk enough to give it to me^^ But well... thousands of Iniestas and Torres, but just three Xavis!! And all of them had girlfriends or weren't drunk enough. I was a bit dissapointed -.- 
So we spend a bit time at the beacht and finally three guys came wanted to talk to us, I actually was pretty tired, but one of them got a Barca shirt!!! So we stayed for an hour or something and then he gave the shirt to me because I was so freezing. So I had at least a shirt of Fabregas^^
The Xavi shirt bought my parents as they were visiting me in Barcelona :)
The Italian shirt I found in Sitges, a smaller city near to Barcelona... someone just left it. Luck for me!

Do you have such interesting or funny memories of some souvenirs???

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