Thursday, August 23, 2012

Creating a photobook, part 1

After my language study travel this year, which was nearly completely financed by my grandma, I felt like she deserves a special gift. So I had the idea of creating a photobook, but not just a simple one, like printing out pictures and stick it onto paper...nooooo! I mean a REAL book you can create on the internet and which is completely printed and send to you. So I looked on the internet which service would be the best and I decided for
Here you can see some impressions on the way of designing my book for my grandmother.

First you have to download a software, I am actually not a big fan of downloading thousands of softwares for everything, but ok... 
So first you have to decide which product you want to create - I know this is German, but a German website for a German book for my German grandmother^^

The screen is very clear and it was pretty easy to get started. You can arrange the picture in any way you like, only the magnetic adjustment of the photos was a bit nerving sometimes.

I am so excited how it's going to look in real, I think this already looks great, but sometimes in real it's a bit different... Of course I give you a review about that too.

What do you think of such photobooks??
Have you ever created such a book?

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