Monday, September 3, 2012

First days in London

Since last wednesday I am now in London and have to take care of the little boy from my host family.
At the moment he is having is nap. I have to admit, I miss my family and home at the moment more than the first time at my Europe trip... I do not really know why, maybe because I just spent three weeks at home in Germany, or because I don't know, if I can really fly back in february to my mother's birthday....

landed in London
The first day I actually started immediately to care for him, I brought him together with the mother to bed and red him a little story, the next day we played all the morning together, the afternoon I had off and I spent the rest of the day to walk a bit around the area.

The house of my host family, typically English^^
So the next two weeks I am going to be a full-time au pair, then the orientation week of my university starts and I'll see after the enrolment, if it still fits or if I need to find another accommodation and work...cross your fingers!! :)

typical calm street at outer London
So maybe this or next week I'll start to go out a bit more, when I know more about my "future" and so on...
I really hate it, to sit here now and don't know anything -.- Do you know what I mean?

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