Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ups and Downs

Now I am already one week in London and the last days I hadn't many things to do, because the mother is at home and so I have to look for the boy just from time to time a bit.
Enough time to discover the area, study a bit Spanish again and prepare everything for university.

At the moment I am looking for the best student account, very difficult! Actually on the internet you just find bad opinions about every bank, but well, what should I do? I need one -.- So hopefully I am not getting in horrible trouble with that. I am applying for an account at HSBC now.

for my best friend, Felix^^
Next step is a student Oyster card. I was very surprised, at the moment I have a normal card, uploaded 10 pounds, after one trip to Central London and back, 9 pounds where already gone!!!
Horrible expensive, I really should start to look for a bike -.-

Last sunday I spend nearly the whole day outside, there was a meetup ( at Regent's Park to play a bit volleyball and we played nearly the wole afternoon! That was good fun, after that day I really hat sore muscles everywhere... first time after a year and my operation at the foot that I did sport^^

And I am still applying for other jobs, if it's not going to work - to study and being an au pair. I already got some negative replies, but no choice to give up^^ 

I am afraid, that's all for today, I am going to write some more applications (fingers already bruning^^) and hoping for the best!

Do you have the same problems to find a student job at the moment or had the problem?

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