Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Closing Ceremony of the Paralympics 2012

Last sunday was the last day of the Paralympics 2012 in London and with it the Closing Ceremony. Unfortunately I haven't had any tickets to be in the stadium, so I went with a friend to Trafalga Square to watch it in public on a big screen, here some impressions :)

On the way to Trafalga Square - I don't know who the boy is, but that wasn't the main point of this photo^^
Third time in London, but have never been up the London Eye...
Cool idea - representing the medals UK won :)
Slowly get crowded and we got entertained by a young british band called "Halfway to New York", nice music :)
Countdown - in about one hour it starts :)
Coldplay at the Closing Ceremony - not really one of my absolute favourite bands, but the music was perfectly and epic for this occasion^^
One blick to the National Gallerie :)

Actually three hours was pretty long and it was after a while really cold, many people started to leave everytime when there was a short break, which is actually normal, but still said^^

As I was home the next day I started to apply for as a volunteer for the football worl cup in Brasil (because the it is not yet possible to apply for the Olympic or Paralympic Games^^).
We'll see if it works, I mean basic knowledge in Portuguese is existent :)

I also did some videos, but I'll see when I have time to edit those....

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