Friday, December 14, 2012

Hello Winter, Bye 1. Semester

Well, ok not really here in London. It seems more like autumn, but still do I have already completely Christmas feeling ;)

And since the first semester of my first year is already over, it even feels better!
But not time for me to go home, I am still working as an Au Pair in the family and at the moment it works really god! I am flying home at 24. december and come back about the 10. january, not so sure at the moment...
But I am so happy and look forward to see my family again and cuddle my cats!!^^
I hope that next year I will have a bit more time for my blog again, I want to change some things, but not quiet sure what at the moment and in which direction I want to go -.-
But hopefully I have enough time to think about theat during the holiday...

So this was just a sign of life from me and now I am going to have dinner, watching a christmas movie (Probably "Polar Express"... who likes that film tooooo???^^)

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