Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blogtember #1: Describe where or what you come from

So here we go with the first question from the Blogging Challenge this September from Jenni and 'Story of my Life'

Topic #1: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.
My name is Sandra, in case you didn't know already, I am native German (probably noticable from some grammar mistakes here and there^^) and come from a little boring city called 'Cottbus'. A couple of year ago we moved a little bit outside of this city to a village called 'Groß Oßnig'. There is nothing going on here, just the way by bike to the city (40 min) through forest and a few nice houses is ok... Oh and a few years ago our neighbour killed is wife and he is in jail now, probably for 2 more years... The whole village is exited what he is doing when he comes back, selling his home? Moving somewhere else? Or just stay and be hated by everybody o.O
Never mind!! This post is not about him^^

That's not me.... that's our lovely coveres rose bush in our garden :)
Now I am living in London ('there is no place like London *sing*). I worked there as an Au Pair for 7 months next to my studies but it didn't work well and I thought I am totally wrong there, but my follower already left after 2 months and wondered that I survived so long there o.O. That gave a motivation that it wasn't maybe just me and I am not that bad with children after all....
I study International Relations with Spanish and from next year on Italian.
I love languages and travel. Thanks to my granny, who cannot really walk anymore (so she cannot travel anymore but loves to see me abroad and the pictures I bring home), I could make a little Europe travel in 2012 for about 5 months after my apprenticeship in Germany (2,5 years as a media assistant at a newspaper... now I know, I don't want to do something in the media -.-).

My mummy and me in Barcelona 2012
I travelled to Dublin, Paris, Florence and Barcelona to come closer to my dream of speaking some languages more or less fluently. This year I have been volunteering in the Confederations Cup in Brazil and I loved the work. Even though I know another thing now: I don't want to live there. I thought that Rio de Janeiro is the most beautiful place you can be, but it's not... ok, ok! I take that back.... the only thing I just really really hated (!!!) was the high level of violence and everywhere it's dangerous....
When I think about my travel alone in Europe I felt like in prison there -.-
You will read more about Brazil in future posts, since I haven't managed to already posts something while I was there, but I get started now :)

Me in Rio, working at the Confederations Cup
I am a very social person, I love to help (even though sometimes I am too lazy). This week I go back to London, there I want to restart my old job, preparing the start for the next year of University and I want to volunteer (since I cannot do sports.... my gristles are completely wasted, already had an operation (not pretty successfull >.<)).
I want to volunteer in a hospital, maybe even hospice. And in an animal shelter, since I don't have the time to have a pet on my own (but my future flatmate has a little dog^^).
So then in London were have to move house....

I love stress, or at least the thought of it (maybe busy is the better word), I think I can handle it, but at the moment I cannot relaxe and I feel the consequences (tiredness, unmotivation, headaches every day,...)
I try to keep up my work with lists, one thing I definitely got from my mummy^^ She is doing a to-do-list for everything in her calendar (which got a special place in our kitchen and is like the holy bible of dates and to-dos for everyone in the house). She even notes down things like 'washing hair', 'charging the phone'. Pretty funny I thought first... but now I even sometimes do the same, because it's soooooo nice to tick it off when you've done it :)
So I want to start to mediate, maybe it helps, but for me as a full-time daydreamer it's pretty difficult to not think about something o.O But I read about having a mantra you say to yourself all the time... maybe I should do that instead^^

My 23. Birthday this year with my awesome people
I want to be a vegetarian, but it's pretty difficult, I love the English sausages and my parents would just look disgusted when I tell them that I don't want to eat meat anymore.... But in London I slowy get used to not eat much meat anymore, and I am happy with it :)

I think that should be enough about me right now... there are still loads of questions left for the next days to write about ;)

If you want to take part, have a look here, I hope to get to know some new and interesting blogs and bloggers!

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