Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogtember #8: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you

Topic #8: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you

First of all, yes both - blogging and social - have changed me, but honestly, everybody changes when they get in contact with new things, some are reluctant and are completely against it (so they change to being really negative about everyting 'new') and others just totally go with the flow.

I did the second way, even though it took me quite a time! I got my first Facebook request ages ago from my former penfriend... and it was totally unknown and I thought I don't need it... what for? But now I am checking it every day at least a few times, writing messages to people all over the world, check the news feed and discover interesting websites and so on.
I was pretty addicted with all this, spending hours on the internet wasting my time, ruining my eyes and feeling the consequences of sitting the whole day on your ass -.-

One good think... websites like language communities really helps you to get in contact with natives, thanks to that I got to know my friend from Brazil I could stay with for free during the Confederations Cup where I volunteered this year :)

Just a random picture I took from the bathroom of a friend^^ Cute!!!!
But now I am a bit better.... just check my facebook twice a day or so (just if I am expecting a message, that's different^^) and try to do things away from my computer, at least a few hours per day, getting our into the nature and just not thinking about the internet.... which is honestly really difficult sometimes. This blogging challenge is actually not really helpful, haha^^

But there are things I still have problems to see the sense.... for example Twitter or Pinterest... if there is something important to share, I got facebook... so why do I need 1001 other sites to share that, it's time consuming and distracting...
For business people maybe awesome, but for me as a 'normal' unfamouse person with a normal job it's just not worth it.... I think.
I might think differently in the future.....

Blogging changes my view of the world totally, there is almost no day without me thinking 'omg, I should take a picture of that, might be good on my blog' or 'I could write about that'
As well it feels as if I try to be much more into things I do and places I visit, when I go on holiday, taking pictures, I always got in mind that I want to write something about it... so I take notes and just try to be more attentive in my environment.

Another fact I love about blogging and social media is the attention you can get as well and that you can use it for good causes for example, promoting an organisation you love or show the people what's really going on in the world... it's pretty awesome!

Do you use your blog to support non-profits or other organizations as well?

p.s.: tomorrow I am not going to weekend start earlier this week^^

If you want to take part, have a look here, I hope to get to know some new and interesting blogs and bloggers!

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