Monday, October 28, 2013

Fencing in London

Thanks to Groupon I took a Beginner Fencing course the last 4 weeks here in London for just £25, normally you won't find such a course for under 60quid!!

This course was at Fighting Fit Fencing, basically a family business with really nice people :)

So I had 4 session every Monday evening from 8.30 to... more or less 10 I'd say. I think that was a good amount of time, sometimes maybe a bit too short, when you were actually just starting and then it felt as if it has already ended for that day.

This was the first picture I took on the very first day, when we needed to wait for the rest to come and the others before us to finish their training. I was pretty excited, since I always wanted to try fencing, and this was the moment^^
Here you could already see the difference between the professional ones (white) and the "other beginners" with the blue robes, exactley what we are going to wear as well :)

The first session was basically theory and some basic steps, which was though really interesting! Our "instructor" not sure how to say in English^^ Was pretty cool and fun! Ok, at the beginning I need to get used to his string english accent, but he made some fun jokes and told us some anecdotes from things that happend already during training.

After the first training my legs hurt so much!! For the right position you are having your knees bent, I am sure you all know more or less how that looks like... and since your body is not used to this, you discover totally new muscles!! Amazing^^

At the second training we already got to wear the robes.... I look really good, right?^^ 
The only negative point here is that the clothes are mostly quite wet from the people who used that before you... but you need to have a shower afterwards anyways! And you have to consider, at other clubs you might have to buy that stuff.... so not too bad after all, I'd say :)

So we've learned how to attack, how to defend, what is on and off target and so on. The last training day (it was just way too fast over!!!!) was a competition - how exciting!!!^^ But we were too many people, so we did it in groups of three, each person and group had 4 matches. I won 3 out of 4.... how amazing!!! I t was soooo cool!
So it was a really good experience, the only negative point is about the clothes, but normal I think, so not too bad... and maybe that we were quite many people and so the trainer coudn't really concentrate on each that much... but it's just a beginner course to see what it is about and how you like it.

I would love to continue, but not sure if I can manage with the money, the time and my ankles (I am such an "old" person^^)

Have you ever been interested in fencing?

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