Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top Blog Posts October + LinkUp

Another month, another post about some of my favourite posts this month and this time I thought about starting a little link up, nothing complicated, just if you want put your link on the page with a post from your own blog you liked most this month and I'll have a look at it :)

DIY Terrarium

This is such a little beautiful idea from Taylor on her blog Anticipation. Even though I love Winter I love green as well and I think my little plant (called Gweeni, because I bought her in Greenwhich^^) could need a little friend.

Every. Damn. Day

Sarah from Yes and Yes basically everything... we as German (and the more nordic people) love lists, and never mind how little, stupid and totally clear the tasks are we have to do, like washing our hair, we just write it down to tick it nearly off when we finished it. Highly motivating and it seems as we are totally productive during the days^^

Doodle Calendar

Kenzie on her blog Chasing Happy has a little interesting habbit for creativity every day by drawing something into a calendar. I really like it and might have a try with that as well, but first mission: finding such a calendar....

Learn + Love your blog

Amber from And Yes to Joy started this little series and I think it is pretty interesting and usefull, especially her last post about organizing your blogging, I do loads of those things as well, I just need to better keep up with it^^ So have a look!

DIY Photo Note Card

Everybody loves DIY and everybody loves photos like Lix from A Classic Notion. I really like the idea and probably gonna do such little cards for my family for Christmas, you know... elder people really love DIY from their children grandchildren^^
Have a look at them and if you want, show me your posts as well, there are no rules or anything, of course much appreciated to visit others but no must :)

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