Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekly Wishes #4

How slow a month goes over when you have almost no money, amazing! Mh, but at least I got a job now and way less time for Uni, but who cares as long as I can pay the rent?! (sarcasm mode off!)

First, let us see how October goals worked out:

1.) Blogging once a week
my poor poor blog! I managed to make such a nice design, some readers even told me they like it (I finally as well) but now I have hardly time to do something with it -.- But with the help of a blogging schedule I want to fight against that. Blogging once a week and reading blogs before I go to bed. Sounds about manageable ;)
I definitely managed to post once a week, whereas reading other blogs not really -.- But I got an excuse: I finally found a job! So during the week I basically get up at 6.30 and come home about 8pm... awesome! But at least I get money^^

2.) Less chocolate during the week!
That's gonna be harsh! I L.O.V.E. chocolate, but no money = no chocolate, so I neeeeeeed to cut back, otherwise I spend all my last money on sweets^^
Well... didn't really work and then my parents sent me a package... with chocolate of course! Because they know like everybody else how much I love it! But I keep trying!!!

3.) Be more positive again
Especially in my situation and now after a while I tend to be quite frustrated, having bad mood all the time and starting to think very negatively about the world!
But I need to stay positive and focused! Everything is gonna be alright in the end! - Hopefully
That didn't go too bad, but my situation is now way better! But now I think I need to change it to: be more motivated again!

These are my goals for YESvember (haha, you could make a series or sth out of it^^:

1.) Read a couple of blogs - every day + link ups
Damn I really need to manage that, and do more in the blogosphere, I got the feeling my blog is getting dusty, which I definitely NOT want! So I decided to take part in some link ups, there are for example some about travel posts, I need to get more involved with that! :)

2.) Less chocolate during the week:
Yes I already had that, didn't work too well... here we go again!

3.) Do more for Spanish:
Oh my god!! I can hardly remember anything and with all the coursworks comming on at Uni this is definitely not a good thing! I need to practice more, learn vocabulary, meet spanish friends... everything! Anything we've got left (Ok, that was Will from Pirates of the Carribean^^)

If you feel motivated as well now to make some plans for next week, see more details about this link-up here:

Do you have any similar plans or wishes for the next time?

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