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This City #3: Rachael from Utah, USA

Welcome to my second post for my new blogging series "This city - is my city"! I know the first post is already ages ago, but due to my busy timetable I had problems to keep it up... but now I try to be better an post more regular^^
This time we'll hear a bit about another city of the USA: Utah from Rachael who is writing on her blog

1.) Shortly about you, who are you, what do you do in your life, short mention about your blog and where do you live at the moment?

My name is Rachael. I am an artist and a blogger. I am a mixed media artist and an illustrator. I sell art, prints, and other artistic objects handmade by me. I've traveled across the United States and lived in 9 states in under 2 years! It was amazing. I recently "settled" back down in my home state of Utah. It's not my favorite state, but I'm learning to find it's beauty for the first time. I love to explore nature and go on hikes and walks. I believe nature cures just about everything. I blog over at where I write about nature, adventures, fashion, art, puppies and kitties.

2.) Why do you live there (study, work, born there, moved there because of...)

I moved back to Utah from Memphis Tennessee after getting divorced. I moved back so I could be closer to family. My family is now 20 minutes away instead of 2000 miles away. I miss the south so much and I'm constantly reminded it of. (As I type, my favorite song "Carolina in my mind just came on!") I lived in North Carolina for about 8 months and if I could I would live in a little cottage in the woods there.. But right now I now live in a little brick cottage covered in ivy and pumpkin plants. Luckily I'm not too far from the woods either. I live about 10 minutes from the mountains and about 10 steps away from downtown. I'm so thankful I moved back to Utah because if I didn't I wouldn't have met my wonderful boyfriend and soulmate. We have plans to travel, we are just figuring out the hows.

3.) Tell us 3 to 5 aspects you love about your city

I love that I can get away from it! I love that I can drive 10 minutes in any direction and find nature of some kind.  It could be mountains, the forest or a river. There is nature close by. I also like being a local at some of the smaller businesses. The coffee shop has my order memorized and the cashiers from the thrift store always gives me a good deal. I love that I live a block from Center Street, where all the cool antique stores are and the fun little restaurants reside.

4.) And of course 3 to 5 points you don't like about it

I'm not a huge fan of the people here! I live in a very very religious town. The center of the city is based off of a religious college. And sadly, with a lot of the people are very judgmental if you are not "one of them." I don't fit in here. I look different, and I act different. I get lots of strange looks and Sterling and I don't have many friends. Here, if you aren't the same religion it's almost like you are a project for everyone else. It can get pretty tiresome. Also, because of that religion gap, there are almost no coffee shops! In other states, there is a starbucks on every corner. Here, it's a church. It's not a huge problem, more funny than anything.

5.) Do you have a favourit place everybody should have visit when they come to your city? (A park, restaurant...)

Visit Cat's Cradle antiques! They have the spookiest macabre stuff including skulls and skeletons. Just walk Center Street downtown. You are sure to find something interesting.

6.) Do you have a (secret) tip about your city? (for example: never eat banana there or you get banana, too!^^)

Most places are closed on Sundays... so don't expect to have too much fun. BUT the roads are clear, so you can get from place to place with a lot of ease!

I haven't really heard much about Utha, but despite the religion fact (I am rather a believer in healing nature like Rachael than God - ok, some may not see a difference in that, haha) it seems a nice town with loads of green around!

Thanks Rachael for taking part and the very informative descriptions!! :)

*If you want to take part as well, just answer the same questions and send me a picture of you and at least on of your city, I am happy to read it and publish it here on my little lovely blog, hehe^^
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