Monday, November 18, 2013

Geocaching in London

Yay! Finally I managed to do the thing I always wanted to try, never mind where.
So here we are, in London, with some coordinates and a map (of course on the phone as it is usual for modern geocachers^^) and off we go!

It was actually really good fun, despite the fact that my friend and I are both quite bad with reading maps and having ideas about places and directions, but a good point was, that she grew up there (telling emotionly about her childhood and this dangerous place in London...).
We have been in Lordship park, close to Tottenham Hale (where I live) and Seven Sister, farther in the North.

Just to have a little image of where about, Letter A shows where I live right now:)
So it was really good fun to walk around an area, quite close to my home where I haven't been before and to discover some nice places and buildings...

Yes, I took a picture from a wall, because it looks so medieval^^
As we arrived at the park we were basically first quite confused about where to go, since I don't have internet on my phone and we both pretty much suck at reading maps, haha
But a good opportunity to discover the local grounds...

We walked this way about 4 times at least, because the cach was hidden somewhere there... but obviously quite good, ok, for me as the first time I had no idea how good they hide them and how exact their description is...

This is the proof of IT^^ We've found it....with the sacrify of our clean shoes - welcome to "always wet London"^^
In it were some little things, of course more useless than anything, but who cares, that's not the main point!
As well as a piece of paper and a pen to write down your name and when you've found it.
Unfortunately did we realize that we were quite bad prepared, we didn't bring anything to put it in the jar in exchange of the things we could take (fortunately my friend found some stuff in her bag - praise woman handbags^^) and another pen would have been useful, since the one in the jar didn't really work...

So we hide the jar in exactely the same place we've found it and that was basically it.
Now we need to upload the picture and make a note on the website that we've found it and that's it.

On our way back home (still a bit lost^^) we found some more interesting corners:

Oh hell yeah, a pink house -.-

So well, for the next time we know, that we have to be better prepared, will say we have to think about some little stuff to put it into the box, a pen, probably warmer clothes - especially now... and old clothes, actually shoes which can get dirty and maybe a better understanding of the place we go.. if this is somehow possible^^

So have you ever done that? Where and how was it? :)

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