Thursday, July 17, 2014

Next chapter: Argentina

Wow! Time flies by and I haven't done anything on my blog since... NOVEMBER!!! Damn! Not fun! But now, with the beginning of my next big adventure, I want to continue writing more frequently again.
I just really miss it to be honest and there are so many situations, taking pictures or sth that happens which makes me think: I should blog about that... but well, no time!

Until now, because I am in my holidays now and since I knew I am going to have a break... which is already like half a year ago... I promised myself to bring my blog up-to-date and write again.

So many things have happened and so many things I am going to do.
First of all I will go one year to ARGENTINA! Amazing, right? It's a part of my degree and I will spend one full year in Buenos Aires and hopefully have the chance to travel some other places, like going back to Brazil and meet some friends and somhow I really really want to go to Uruguay... I don't know why I am so fascinated by that cute little country, hehe ;)
So I still need to pack everything (I am leaving the end of July) and overall: need to find a flat... prices are quite cheap and there are many nice flats, I just hope I live with people who speak all the time Spanish^^

A really cool thing is that I will keep my job in London, that means I will do home-office overseas, roughly 20h per week and earn good pounds which I can spend in South America. I just really hope it works out, since the company and me never done such a project before. But during my holidays I am already practicing my home-office skills.

Another thing I need to do is to continue my posts about Brazil 2013, where I worked for the Conferderations Cup. Unfortunately it wasn't possible for me to participate as a volunteer in the World Cup, so I had to enjoy it as good as possible in London.... but hey we are WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! To be honest, that makes me quiet proud to be German... even though the rest of the time I am not too happy to grew up there.

close to Crystal Palace, London
I want to continue taking part in weekly wishes and my "This City" series and see whats going on in the blogging world at the moment^^
I also want to write some posts about stuff I have experienced in London, like visiting Cambridge, Brighton, Harry Potter studios and so on and so forth, those memories are already starting to fade and I want to write it down before they are all completely gone...

Bloody hell!! So much to do and write about.. the day needs more than 24h, hehe!^^ 

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