Friday, July 25, 2014

5 reasons why I love my home

First of all, even tough I live in London, Germany will always be my actual home... like "home-home". I grew up and most of my life I lived here. To be fair I never really liked it here until I started to be abroad for a longer time, now I start to appreciate my home. Which I guess is totally nomal!^^ But still I know, that I don't want to move back here, from where I stand right now, I can even say: never!

But I love coming back home for a couple of weeks and those are the 5 things I miss and love most here:

There is nothing better than waking up in your holidays in summer and just go straight into you garden and chill without the possibility for any neighbours to see what you are doing! My dad is even so awesome, that he built a fridge and plugins there, so I just can sit all day long with my laptop outside and drink a cold lemonade *yay*!!

To see you family once in a while, or a year, is just great! You didn't know how much you actually love them when you see them everyday^^ To family I count of course all our cats, I am totally a cat person and that's what I miss most when I am abroad.
Seeing friends is another thing, even though many people moved away, the four most important onces, who you can even call friends without daily contact, are still around!

I really do love London's transport system, the buses are great, even though normally overcrouded, but well... you really never can get lost!
However, I would never go by bike in this city.... too much traffic and on the wrong side^^ I really can't pay so much attention... I prefer to ride through our forests, to the beach and our calm village and nearby city.

4. LAKE 10min AWAY
Yay! Next to my village we have a little lake, and it is the best place! It's calm with a nice campign site close to it and a little cafe where you can ice cream - what else do you want? Even in winter I love to go there, it is just sooo unbelievable nice there! You can even cycle around... what I did ages ago and always wanted to do again, buuuuuuut... maybe next time when I am home XD


You know London, small rooms for high prices and a lacking passion for maintenance work... Not here in my home. My room is three times as big as in London and I don't even pay for it! Plus I have my own bathroom... how freckin' amazing is that^^ And so much space, to be honest, one reason why this will always be my home-home is because I have so many important things here I can't take with me right now.
But I will. When I moved to a flat big enough where I will stay the next years. But probably not soon^^

Local Adventurer

Did you start to appreciate your home more when you began to travel?

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