Tuesday, July 29, 2014

5 things to think about before going abroad

We all know it: I love to plan things. And in as much detail as possible. Probably because I am German (yeah we all know those stereotypes...)
So I found it quite entertaining to make a list with the most important information I try to find out about my destination before I go there. I mainly made it from the point of view considering that I will stay there for a longer time in the case of Argentina:
Talsperre Spremberg, lake close to Cottbus, Germany

1) how to get from airport to your accommodation
I considere this as one of the most important points while travelling. When you have an exact plan how to go from the airport to any place, probably first your accommodation, you feel more comfortable and relaxed. That is how it works for me. And it is as well for most places a first step to get to know the local public transport system, since I am a poor female student and never take a taxi alone, I'll always find a shuttle to the city center and from there public transport.
Considering I don't have Internet on my phone I always take a picture from the exact location where I need to go for the rest I need to walk.
2) how to get money: cash vs. card
This is, outside of Europe, a little bigger problem. When I think about Argentina, I haven't really found THE website telling me everything I want/need to know.. I guess that means I just have to try... I have three different cards available, a German credit card, Mastercard and an English visa debit. I probably just gonna try how much they charge for each card and for the beginning I am going to exchange some cash somewhere (probably the state bank should be a good choice)^^
3) clothes to pack
That is always a tricky topic... it's not that I have too much (I am really not much into shopping). But considering I only take one backpack, space is quite limited... I tried to pack quite neutral with the thought: take less with me, I can buy everything I need there and have nice souvenirs, too.
4) phone & internet 
Since I am going to Argentina for a year I definitely need a sim card... and since I am already spoilt from London; if possible with internet all day long (it's just so easy to find your way around places with internet!). I probably have a closer look when I am there and ask others about there opinion. I had a short look on the internet... but not really enough time to make a decision.
5) local public transport 
That is always a good adventure, especially when you are in a complete other part of the world. Since I already experienced the public transport in Brazil, I expect Argentina to be the same confusing at the beginning...
I always check if there is something equivalent to an oyster, because to be honest: it's so unbelievable convenient, every country should have it^^

have something like a check list before you travel somewhere?

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