Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Buenos Aires - Part 1: Orientation

So since Thursday night last week I am in Argentina and to be honest: I really like it!
Of course there are some things you need to get used to, but in general I feel quite good in the city.

What happend so far?
01. August 2014 - My first day of "orientación".
View from the restaurant "La Marina"
We were supposed to be there already on Thursday, but well... my flight just landed one day later^^
On my way to Uni I already met some other students and together we discovered the way to our University, which is not soooo easy. I need about 1,5h to get there, walking to the train, then from the train to the Uni.... and the train is pretty slow!!!! But well, more time to read a book or learn vocabulary...

We had a little written and oral test to see in which Spanish class we have to go. This is when I realized that I truly haven't done much for Spanish for ages...
Then we walked around the campus and the area a bit, showing us where is what and so on and so forth - it's a really cute little campus with a few students (selected, not few, as some say^^).

The international program coordinators tried from the beginning to know your face and name by heart which made you feel very comfortable immediately!
At the end of the day we had a little "mate meeting", meaning we were sitting down in the grass and drinking REAL mate with some Argentine students.
That's how you do real mate!

my conclusion: I don't like it... I don't like it at all^^ It taste like smoking a cigarillo or something, even the version with sugar did not make it better... But at least I can say I tried original mate - in Argentina :)

02. and 03. August - Merienda and Lunch
Yeah both means food... that was what basically my first weekend consited of.

On saturday we were invited to a house of one of the Argentine student - it was a massive place! Huge and beautiful and clean with the highest standards! Quite a change to the things you normal see in Buenos Aires!
So we had some typical Argentine snacks and sweets AND went up to the rooftop. Amazing!! No more words.

Sunday we didn't do much, I actually wanted to meet with an Argentine student to go to a museum, but she did not appear after waiting for an hour, so I decided to walk a bit around on my own (since I did not know the way to the museum) and then went out with some of my flatmates to have something to eat in a really cute little caffé.

04. August - Theory and Practice of the development of cultural projects
That it one of my classes, a damn long name, even more complicated to say that in Spanish^^
But it seems to be pretty interesting, learning why and how to establish cultural projects and we gonna visit some places around Buenos Aires as well, really nice. That means we might see some less mainstream places, too^^

05. August - Introduction into Psychology
I really like this class, I love psychology and find it since I can think interesting. I already had some classes in my German school as well, so I thought that might be a cool idea to take this in Spanish. The teacher is quite nice and good understandable. I always had to smile to myself when he pronounced the names of some German psychologists, though^^
A - good or bad thing - however you wanna take it: in this class we have some reading in English to do, so at least in those things I can be sure I understood all.

06. August - Argentine Contemporary History
I already quitted this class^^ It was quite ok, but I feel like when I want to know sth about History I grab a book and read on my own... sitting in class (at really inconvenient times) is just not what I came for.

By deleting this class from my schedule I am now free on friday - hooray!! And only two classes from 4pm to 7.30pm.
You really need to get used to those classes... 4h, just lecture, in the evening... wow -.-

07. August - Criminal Check
Early in the morning we went to the office regarding criminal checks to get the visa somehow later. We got some paper, needed our passport and you had to queue 3 times and at every counter they made *peeep* and you continued to the next one - to sum it up shortly.

08 - 11. August - Weekend!
I didn't do much spectecular to be honest, most of the time I worked, tried to do some homework and got lost in episodes and movies in Spanish. Only on Sunday we had a nice Asado at an awesome apartment at a friend's house. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures, exept a try of the bbq:

But you may guess how huge that was! The size of the grill was almost as big as a single bed and sooooo much meat! Lucky me I gave up trying to be a full-time vegetarian >.<

So this was my first and pretty intense week of my year abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Next weekend we have a long one and gonna visit a bit Uruguay, since it is just "around the corner"^^

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