Monday, October 14, 2013

This City #2: Jasmine from San Antonio (blogging series)

Welcome to my second post for my new blogging series "This city - is my city"! I know the first post is already ages ago, but due to my busy timetable I had problems to keep it up... but now I try to be better an post more regular^^

Today we get to know San Antonio in Texas a bit better by Jasmine, blogging on her lovely blog Southern Cafe.

1.) Shortly about you, who are you, what do you do in your life, short mention about your blog and where do you live at the moment?

Jasmine, the girl behind Southern CafĂ© blog where you will find daily ramblings, spontaneous travel weekend trips, posts about love/the boyfriend, fashion inspiration and one too many photos of a little Yorkie named Winston that takes up a large percentage of my heart. I’m excited to share with you some lovely things about my life and my beautiful city. I work as an SEO Support/Copywriter for a local newspaper. I currently live in San Antonio, Texas.

2.) Why do you live there (study, work, born there, moved there because of...)

San Antonio is my home. I was born and raised here. I’m blessed to have my family, school, work and boyfriend all in the same city. Eventually I do want to move and explore a new city.

3.) Tell us 3 to 5 aspects you love about your city

{ONE} Fiesta. If you’re from San Antonio or have visited during the month of April, then you know we like to party. It’s my favorite time of the year.
{TWO} The beautiful Riverwalk. It’s recent expansion has just made our city even more beautiful.
{THREE} The food. It probably explains why San Antonio is considered one of the fattest cities in the US, but the food is just so delicious.
{FOUR} The margaritas. Maybe I’m being biased because it’s my city but I speak the truth. We have some of the most delicious margaritas.
{FIVE} We have the San Antonio Spurs, enough said.

4.) And of course 3 to 5 points you don't like about it

{ONE} I hate that some parts of the city are just bad but I guess every city has a bad side of town.
{TWO} I kind of wish we had a big college that made it exciting to watch football or something.
{THREE} It’s hot as (fill in the blank.) You would think that since I was born and raised here that I would be used to this Texas heat but no. I absolutely hate it.

5.) Do you have a favourit place everybody should have visit when they come to your city? (A park, restaurant...)

here are so many to choose from.
Attractions: Six Flags and Sea World.
Shopping: La Cantera Mall is a must, unless you really want to see the infamous giant cowboy boot then go to North Star Mall.
Food: Anywhere downtown or on the Riverwalk. My currently favorite is La Gloria with delicious margaritas and gorgeous view of the Riverwalk expansion. You can now find it at the San Antonio International Airport.

6.) Do you have a (secret) tip about your city? (for example: never eat banana there or you get banana, too!^^)

You can get to any side of town in just a short 20-30 minute drive. San Marcos outlets and Austin, Texas are also a short drive (45 mins to an hour). There’s also Schlitterbauhn in New Braunfels, various lakes and rivers to float, that’s a Texas must – float the river! Enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon walking through the San Antonio Missions, I think they’re absolutely beautiful. I like to attend mass at the missions because it’s just so breathtaking. Now I’m making weekend plans just talking about everything San Antonio has to offer!

Texas is definitly on my Top-10-List of places to see and thank you so much for all the information about San Antonio! I know even look more forward to go there one day!!! Hopefully during April ;)

Thanks Jasmine for taking part and the great picture!! :)

*If you want to take part as well, just answer the same questions and send me a picture of you and at least on of your city, I am happy to read it and publish it here on my little lovely blog, hehe^^
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