Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Wishes #3

And another month gone... but this one wasn't over as quick as the other one, but I guess that's normally when you are experience some difficulties during your life o.O

I already mentioned the main things in the last post.
I don't know if you imagine how frustraiting it is to search for a job a whole month and the main problem is the f***ing timetable from University -.-
Because I cannot do every job.... I have problems with my ankles and not allowed to walk or stand a lot... So no waitress job, no barkeeper job, not really even jobs on the street like promoter or fundraiser :(

But that is actually not what I wanted to write about!
Because it's the first Monday of the new month (even though it's already the 7th^^)

First, let us see how September goals worked out:

1.) Still reading books before I go to bed
Yay! I got books in London as well, so why not keep going a good habbit^^
Haven't managed to read anything at all... Just started with my readings for Uni and the Spanish book we need to read for my - of course - Spanish module. But not sure yet if I really like it o.O
During the Blogtember Challenge I haven't even managed to ready ANY other blogs!!! My Bloglovin' list is almost exploding of unread entries!

2.) Going to the library (at least once a week)
In lirbaries you are normally not that distracted as in your home, so I hope I get more work done when I visit my University's library....
Ok, let's call it "computer room" and I am quite there^^ But since we moved house and not having our own internet I have no other option...

3.) Taking part in the Blogtember Challenge
I found this blogging challenge on the blog 'Story of my Life' from Jenni. I am normally not a friend of daily blogging but with questions we should answer, I think it's easier und funnier to write something everyday (even though some questions don't really apply to me, so I might not write something every day, but almost :)
Japp, did it! But not very well!! Especially the last days... or weeks >.< Never gonna do that again I think, or at least not if I am not totally free on holiday or whatever o.O

So here are my points I want to do/achieve/finish for 'I-need-to-find-a-job-inthis-month-October':

1.) Blogging once a week
my poor poor blog! I managed to make such a nice design, some readers even told me they like it (I finally as well) but now I have hardly time to do something with it -.- But with the help of a blogging schedule I want to fight against that. Blogging once a week and reading blogs before I go to bed. Sounds about manageable ;)

2.) Less chocolate during the week!
That's gonna be harsh! I L.O.V.E. chocolate, but no money = no chocolate, so I neeeeeeed to cut back, otherwise I spend all my last money on sweets^^

3.) Be more positive again
Especially in my situation and now after a while I tend to be quite frustrated, having bad mood all the time and starting to think very negatively about the world!
But I need to stay positive and focused! Everything is gonna be alright in the end! - Hopefully

If you feel motivated as well now to make some plans for next week, see more details about this link-up here:

Do you have any similar plans or wishes for the next time?

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