Monday, September 15, 2014

Buenos Aires - Part 5: Buenos Aires Market

A while ago we (my flatmates and me) were visiting the "Buenos Aires Market - Feria de Alimentos Saludables", which is just 10 minutes aways from our home.

The location of the market circulates around Buenos Aires and takes place only one weekend each months and offers mainly healthy food, but as well plants, other interesting products as well as "information corners" about different topics.

To be honest it's not the biggest market, but it definitely has its charm!
I bought some REALLY good chocolate - that was my main reason to go (since is quite difficult here to find really good one!^^) and "Rock me" tea - which is a mixture of Strawberry and black tea with chocolate (yes there are real chocolate pieces in it!). Of course the smell is way better than the actual taste, but it was still worth the price!

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Do you love to visit local markets to buy something what otherwise is difficult to find?

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