Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Buenos Aires - Part 4: Empanadas Class

So one day we had a kind of "Empanadas Class" where we tried to make or made typical Argentinien Emapanads with the help of two Argentinien students - who never prepared Empanads either, that is supposed to be fun^^

We made three different typs: 1) with jamón y queso = with ham and cheese 2) con carne = with - I think - beef, peppers, onions and 3) con crema blanca y choclo = white cream (I have no idea what is inside, but it's tasty!) and cooked mais.

first one group is cut the cheese and the ham...
while the other takes care of the meat (whatever this guy is doing in the background^^)
the dough is luckily already buyable like that^^
Basically you only wet a bit the of half of the circle, then put the filling in (not too much!) then fold it over and try - however you want it^^ - to make the edges nice and that it's not opening up in the oven. Brush with egg yolk and put it in the oven until they have a nice colour... Finito! :)

fresh and hot from the oven
after hard work some of us took time to relax in this awesome chair!! I want one for myself!
I loved the ones with crema blanca and mais most! I even took two home for next day *yumyum!*
I would love to make it again, but since I am very lazy in the kitchen and don't like too much touching food (yes how weird -.-) I am not sure this will happen.
But maybe for my parents when I am visiting them again :)

Do you like Empanadas or have every made them?

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