Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Buenos Aires - Part 3: Trip to Uruguay - Montevideo

After spending one day in Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay we took the bus to Montevideo. The ride took about 2,5h and was very comfortable, the standards in the bus were pretty good, the seats comfortable with enough space to have a good nap!

Again the first thing we did was looking for our Hostel. We needed to take another bus from the bus terminal to the city center, which took us about 15 or 20 minutes. 
The hostel called "the Willy Fog" was a really cool place and more one of thos long-term stay hostels where the majority already lived there for a couple of weeks or even months.
Everything was super relaxed and the people working there young dudes from around the world and the buidling really has its charm.

In the evening we had the plan to eat Chovito - probably the most famous dish of Uruguay, which is basically a burger without the bread to say it in short. We found a restaurant called "La Pasiva" where we were served one plate for two... and it was massive and delicious for quite a good price! 
Chivito for 2!
La Pasiva
Grappamiel - worth a try, pretty sweet with a sense of alcohol... works for me XD
The be honest, there was not really much going on in Montevideo... the reason might be that it was Sunday, but even then the city itself, meaning the architecture and the area didn't really flash us... But we kept walking around - of course - looking for nice places and spaces. Luckily there was a huge market in the center, where you can buy basically EVERYTHING! Even animals :(

A piece of Paris in Montevideo (you know the locks for the lovers and so on^^)

The part of the markets I don't like... :(
The parts of the markets I like! Those old vans are just awesome^^
The parts of the market I found quite interesting, hehe ;)

a statue for the founder of Montevideo: Bruno Mauricio de Zabala
Whoho, yeah you can find a few beautiful streets in Montevideo, too

Looking for the next Luis Su├írez?^^

Spending time at the seaside is always a good and relaxing idea!

Tons of couples (young and old) relaxing with mate at the water :)
The be honest I found Montevideo quite boring, which was a bit disappointing, but actually didn't matter too much, because Colonia del Sacramento was just amazing!
We had to go back there to take the ferry, and lucky us we had tickets for the business class. Having a drink of champaign in an unbelievable comfy chair and watching a match of Barcelona... what more can you want?!?!

So to conclude: a trip to Uruguay, when you are already in Buenos Aires and so close, is definitely a must-do.
We even thinking of going there again, but next time farther north, more into the country and countryside or very east to the beach side in summer :)

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