Monday, September 29, 2014

Buenos Aires - Part 7: Feria de Mataderos

Every Sunday there is the "Feria de Mataderos", basically a huge entertainment market - if that word exists.

So on the one side you have loads of market stands where you can buy basically everything you could possibly imagine and on the other side you have the more traditional part, like typical folk music and dancing (everyone can take part^^) and gaucho horse riding called "Carerra de Sortija" – the “Race of the Ring”.
That was the most fascinating and interesting part of the whole day!

It is definitely a "must visit" when you are in Buenos Aires, but it is also super crowded, but still worth it... so take care (like always) of you belongings while staring happily at the horses or dancers, hehe!

it took me some tries to catch this moment^^

everyone on the dance floor! (except me of course!^^)

I love those old cars everywhere^^
ever heard of the "The Bremen town musicians"? guess that's the Argentinien version...
la Esperanza - thanks, guess everywhere you need a bit of hope o.O
It's basically a massive area full of people, products and traditions

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