Monday, October 6, 2014

Buenos Aires - Part 8: *thumbs up* for health care in Buenos Aires

Since I am in Buenos Aires (actually only two months) I already have seen two different doctors, one dentist and one ophthalmologist and considering, that both were totally different I felt comfortable with both and actually even better than with the doctors in Germany and London.

Even though Argentina is not one of the most developed countries and it surely encounters loads of problems, health care here is actually quite good, speaking from an international point of view.

Initially I planned to get my eyes lasered in London, but due to lack of time and money I decided to postpone it and do it in Argentina – and it was a good decision.
impressive waiting hall at my ophthalmologist in Buenos Aires
1) The doctors take time for you
You just feel so much more valued here, if the doctors need an hour for you, so it may be! And they don’t care as long as they can help you somehow.
Before my eye surgery I got an email and a call from the secretary how I am doing and if I still come for the pre surgical appointment and after the eye laser surgery, my doctor even called me later that day asking how I feel. How cool is that?

2) They explain constantly everything they are doing
Sometimes in London or Germany there is the lack of communication and you are sitting there as a patient while the dentist is doing stuff in your mouth and you have no idea what is going on.
Here I even had a mirror all the time in my hand and he urged me to look what is happening and giving me advice where I should take a bit more care with my teeth.
The same with the ophthalmologist, all the high-tech stuff he has and used, he explained me for what and even showed me the results, telling me why I this matters and so on.

3) You feel comfortable
You are not just one patient out of many, you are a person with a name and a story. I like it when they remember your name without the need to look at the paper and felt even a bit surprised when they asked about a topic you had a small talk about last time, mostly those things are immediately forgotten, right? For example in London I just felt so anonymous, doesn’t matter if I went to a General Practitioner (GP) or the ophthalmologist.

4) Appearance doesn’t matter
With this I mean the building, I am volunteering in the „Hospital de Clinicas“ and OMG it looks like the house is going to break down any minute, it is actually quite funny. The dentist I went to he just had basically just one room in a simple apartment building. But who cares when all the things you need are working very well – the doctors here are pretty organized and clean, too!

Haven't seen that screen for ages! That was totally worth a picture^^
Of course there are some negative aspects, too. For example everything here has its price. Every treatment and medication (and you can get loads here!) costs money! Luckily the money for the dentist treatment I get back from my international insurance, but all the eye drops and painkillers not.

- Have you ever had a medical appointment while you travelled? Did you found it better or worse than the medical care of your home country?

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