Monday, November 3, 2014

Monthly Goals #1 - November

I have decided to start again with montly goals, to keep better track of what I want to do, what I am doing and what I have done - more or less successfully :)

#1 - spend at least 2 days without internet for breakfast
we are just all so addictive to Internet and computer, I want to cut down a bit the time my eyes have to suffer in front of the screen!

#2 - translate/go through at least 1 Spanish song per week
Songs a perfect to learn a language I think and it makes so much fun to finally understand what they are singing and being able to sing along!

#3 - train grammar/vocab at least twice a week for 15-30 min
I really need to get going again with my Spanish! Have been sooo lazy -.-

#4 - cut down on chocolate
Yeah we know this problem, hehe... so here we go again!

Any similar plans this month? Are you learning a language right now as well?

- linking up with The Nectar Collective
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