Saturday, August 18, 2012

Almost done...

The "construction work" of my blog is almost done, new name and to find under the domain - I am proud :)
It feels like I finally found the right name for my blog which describes de planned chaos best...
There are now just some little things left I need to do and to change, for example to design some nice buttons for bloglovin etc that fits to my website.

This saturda I am going to start - finally!! - with my social spirit posts, which means a short introduction to some social sites, everybody who wants to join, which I don't wanna call "link party" is welcome :)
If you can't imagine what I mean - you'll see on saturday^^

My button above can be grabbed here, I am always open for ad swaps.

So enjoy all you weekend, here in Germany it's gonna be pretty waaaarm!!
Maybe I can persuade my parents to go to the beach ;)

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