Monday, August 20, 2012

Planning London - Overview and Questions

picture from my trip in September 2011
Before going abroad, for holiday or whatever, you always have to think about so many things an consider als circumstances.
Next week on wednesday I fly again to London, but this time for more than one year. I am going to be an Au Pair in an French - South African family with a 5-year-old boy. We already skyped several times and they are really nice and the family life sound enjoyable.
But here is just a brainstorming what I have to think about...because I haven't really prepared anything yet^^

1. Luggage
I just want to have one big luggange, my suitcase calles Elli (yeah it's got a name... came to me as I had to wait for her at the baggage claim^^) and one handluggage. So I see myself clearing my whole wardrobe and deciding at every piece of cloth if I REALLY need it^^
Do you have the same ritual or "problems"?^^

2. Discover London
Yeah I've already been there, but haven't seen all, that for sure. This time I would like to buy a travel guide, but which is the best? I want one which prices and opening hours, with a bit description, a map and not too big or heavy. Someone told me that "lonely planet" should be pretty good, do you have another favourite?
"London A to Z" should be important too, but I don't know if a normal map would be enough...

3. Cheap freetime in London
Sounds like it is not possible, I know^^ But I found two website with some hints at and I can't spent too much money, because I would like to have some savings to travel maybe to other cities and after this year, when I want to go to a university. Do you know any other websites or articles?

4. Working
Actually I work as an Au Pair, but not all the day and why not finding a little job I can do while the little boy is at school. There are several websites and I hope to find a job as a waiter or receptionist.
And one or two days a week I want to work as a volunteer, like at an Oxfam shop like I did in Dublin or another organisation.

5. Get social
of course I don't want to be all on my own in London, so I think I am joining some meetups. This site is really great - I think :) And maybe some of you are living in London or around too? Or if you visit, just tell me, maybe we can meet.

Have you been to London? Or are you planning to visit the beautiful citiy?

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