Thursday, October 4, 2012

first week of a new life as a student :)

Here I want to make you jealouse now and show you my timetable for the first semester like I promised (on the right site^^) :)

Looks good, right? :)

The next week then started and since the first seminar I felt already like a real student^^ 
Here are my modules and the first "esperiences" with them, if anybody is interested :)
Oh and my Studies are called "International Relations and Spanish".

1. Area Studies (Spainish-Speaking World - from Empire to Revolution): we are starting with Columbus and the conquest of America (just watching "Conquest to paradise" :). Even if I felt like in history class, with reading texts and discussing them (Damn! there was a scottish girl and I had so problems to understand her accent^^)

2. Spanish Language Development: Our lecturer just started to talk Spanish, no word English, we were all a bit shocked at the first time, but actually it's really cool. He is from Cuba and I really need to get to used to his accent, he doesn't pronounce some "s" like in "Espana", which sounds then more like "Epana", what makes it sometimes a bit hard to follow while guessing what he meant... but well, it just can get better....

3./4. Introduction to the Politics and Society in Developing Countries (Seminar and Lecture): So very interesting module, because I was actually thinking about studying "International Development"^^, we just had some introduction words and the lecture was about "what is Development", like economic growth but human development as well and how to measur it, really interesting!

5./6. Introduction to International Relations: actually the same like the Development module, an introduction into this module and the topics we are dealing with. Just a bit unfortunate, that the lecture is so late... I was pretty tired and had a hard time to concentrate the last half hour -.-

7. Firday is just the second class of the Spanish language development :)

So what do you think? Did you had/Do you have more or less the same hours or more (or even less?)

I am pretty happy with it, because at the moment it works quiet good with my au pair job, but we already decided, that I am looking for something else, because it's not going to work out for long (when I need to write coursworks, like essays and so on....)
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