Monday, October 1, 2012

Yeah, call me student, girl!

For 2 weeks now I am officially a student at the University of Westminster - boooya! :)
The first week was just the orientation week and most of the time we had to wait... First the enrolment, checking my A-level certificate (my German Abitur), checking the status of my payment and then taking a photo for my super cool student card :)
Then we had to go to the language screening. It was one big room with tables next to each other and papers over it saying "Spanish" or "German". After we got a paper in which language we need to be screened, we needed to wait for our turn. Then I went to the Spanish table. I was greeted with a nice "Hola" and already found myself in a spanish conversation telling a bit about my travel to Barcelona. Then I had to write a short text and after that I could call myself "intermediate in Spanish" :) (everything lower would have been disappointed!^^)
Then there was a welcome "lecture" about the department (Languages) and then the first day was already over.
The second day was just about the module registration, which was actually pretty hard. I wanted to choose one or two more modules as possible^^ I just hope, that next year there are the same interesting modules!^^
On friday we collected our timetables and solved any problems with it. Fortunately my timetable looks quiet good, monday off, wednesday and friday just a few hours, just tuesday and friday going to be long days, but that's ok :)
I'll show you in the next article on thursday :)

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