Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

This saturday we celebrated the birthday of the little boy I have to take care of ( I am an Au Pair, who didn't know^^). He is now 6 years old and feels really grown up ;)

We went to a big playground especially for kids with different areas, a paradise for them! I haven't seen such a building in Germany and think, that this is a really cool idea.

After about 2 hours we changed places, in this hall there are some seperated rooms to celebrate the birthday more properly just with the invited friends. First something to eat, actually not much, just a bit of vegtables and sandwhiches and some little pieces of pizza.

Then everybody screamed the "happy birthday" song and the candles were blown out and actually then it was really fast over.

Then every child collected their birthday bags and then we already had to go out.
Definitely something complete different and maybe more relaxed for the parents, even if I thought, that the atmosphere wasn't that great... but well, the kids liked it I think^^

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